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Developer’s To Do List for Login and Forgot Password Functionality

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Developer’s To Do List for Login and Forgot Password Functionality


Often during development of various projects, I see almost all the time small pieces missing that were not initially been developed on various modules, like for example setting a max length limitation on the email address field from the Login page of an website.

So in this case, I’ve decided to create a To Do list with all the items that need to be developed/tested for a specific part of functionality or module of a new website. I will try to keep it technology independent as much as possible, so feel free to put it on paper and keep it on your desk while you work or test that specific module or part of functionality.

Below you can find a To Do list for Login and Forgot Password functionality:

Basic Functionality:

  • Implement Username/Email and Password database check and authentication functionality.
  • Implement Email database check and send email to end-user with reset password instructions.
  • Implement “Remember Me” functionality.
  • Display the validation messages summary when user submits invalid data.


  • Implement validation with regular expression for checking if an email address is valid.
  • Implement validation to mark all fields as required.
  • Implement max length limitation on all the fields to match the database field size.
  • Make sure you display generic validation messages on both Login and Forgot Password functionality for when someone tries to log in with a non-existent email address.*

User Experience:

  • Make the Login and Forgot Password functionality to be triggered when Enter key is pressed.


  • Implement TAB key navigation between Login textboxes.
  • Disable auto-complete feature for Login functionality for websites that hold sensitive user information.

*The reason is that someone evil might want to see if a specific person has or hasn’t an account on the website



Darius Dumitrescu is a creative Senior CMS Consultant with in depth .NET knowledge, focused on Web Development and Architecture Design.

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