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About the new beta of Visual Studio 11

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About the new beta of Visual Studio 11


A few weeks ago, a new beta of Visual Studio 11 was launched showing the world the new Metro interface implemented in the new iteration. Wow! What a change!

Ok, there are some interesting features in place but what happened with the color scheme? It is so…gray, so spartan!

Some of the new features that i like are:

  • The file history pop-up;
  • The search functionality that allows you to search content without needing to open the search window;
  • The fact that we have available a dark theme;
  • Quick Launch functionality;


Most of the features you can still experiment using the Productivity Power Tools with Visual Studio 2010.

Take a look at this video that shows a demo of Visual Studio 11 beta:

What do you think about the new Metro UI implemented in Visual Studio 11?



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